Insulation is the difference between a heating bill that is within reason, and a heating bill that will make your jaw drop. As a roofing company, we are committed to making sure your home gets you through the winter without breaking the bank. For more information, give us a call.

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Attic Insulation

This state requires a certain minimum amount of insulation in your attic to make sure your home is properly insulated. A fairly new regulation also requires that the roof can breathe. What that means is we need to make sure there is proper ventilation. A properly ventilated attic will be within a few degrees of the outside temp. Because the living space in your home will be quite a bit warmer, if the attic is not breathing right, condensation can build up. Too much condensation can be as bad as a roof leak! Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate!

Before we spray in your insulation, we will install soffit baffles. These will allow air to flow, removing the humid air that can cause damage. In the summer, this can also allow the cooler outside air to flow through and replace the hotter air. The big benefit is during the winter, however. As your home is more insulated, the need for running the heater goes down. We have seen up to 30% increases in energy savings in just one winter. As cold as it gets around here, that can make a huge difference. It does not take long for your investment in new insulation to pay off. Do not wait until it gets cold to call us, we are ready to help you right now.

Roof Insulation Company

Because we use sprayed in fiberglass rather than rolled out material, more air gets trapped by the insulation. Warm air getting trapped in the tiny pockets that are formed keeps the cold from reaching the house as quickly. Traditional methods are of course effective but we find that by blowing in the loosefill fiberglass, we get better results. Many people think the material might settle over time, but this product will keep your home comfy for years to come. When we team this product up with your soffit baffles, you have a great solution that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Let one of our professionals come out and tell you all about it as soon as possible.

We have been working in this area for over two decades now. As a family owned and operated company, you can be sure that we are totally committed to quality workmanship and customer service. We have the knowledge and the experience to get your home insulated properly and save you money on power bills all year round. It doesn't make sense to let money literally drift out of the house through your attic. Let us help you with all your insulation needs!

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We do insulation in Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Lansing, Grass Lake, Jackson, Detroit, Kalamazoo, Allen, Hillsdale, Cold Water, Brooklyn and Chelsea areas.

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