Payment Options

Cash & Checks always accepted along with Major Credit Cards.

Financing Options
Low payments and deferred interest for 12 months.
Valid on purchases of $1,000 or more.

Roof now, pay later
Take advantage of this limited time offer to enjoy your home improvement project before you start making payments.
You can get started today.

Low Monthly Payments and deferred interest for 12 months. (Valid on purchases of $1000 or more )
On promo purchase, low monthly payments required & no finance charges assessed if (1) promo purchase paid in full , (2) any minimum monthly payments on account paid when due, and (3) account balance does not exceed credit limit. Otherwise, promo may be terminated & finance charges assessed from purchase date. Standard terms apply to non-promo purchases, optional charges & existing accounts. As of January 1st 2008, variable APR’s: 12.24% - 23.24% & on all accounts in default, 28.99%. Minimum Finance Charge $1.50. Subject to financing through Service Finance Company, LLC

  • Stephanie C.

    "I am so pleased with the beautiful roof. Not only are the colors perfect, but the roof gives the house a great overall appearance. The way that Vern presented the complete information about the job was professional and impressive. Everything was completed in a timely and proper manner, from the presentation to the application of the shingles, to the clean up. I would highly recommend CS Roofing to everyone! "

  • Jan G.

    "Crew was not only hard working and efficient, but cheerful and responsive to questions and comments. Materials and workmanship were excellent; clean up was amazingly thorough. All items and conditions of the agreement were met, down to the last detail and final inspection. Overall, we are more than satisfied with a great “new look” and excellent value."

  • Larry & Doni W.

    "The work performed on my house was excellent. The worker’s were courteous, helpful and well mannered. The salesman was very professional and helpful. I would recommend CS Roofing to anyone in need of this service. Clean up and foreman was great!"